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Rose Cut Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a life changing moment full of love and excitement. The ring that you either choose or are presented with symbolizes serious commitment to the person you love and therefore getting the right ring is an important decision.

Grey Rose Cut Rings

We are passionate about helping you chose the right ring and can bespoke a unique piece especially for you. Most woman covet a bit of sparkle in their engagement ring and diamonds are a natural choice. Introduced to the western world by wealthy Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477 to show status and wealth, diamonds are now a popular option for engagement rings. Diamonds can be affordable and now are not regarded as a purchase just for the elite and upper classes. As the hardest wearing stone for jewellery, diamonds are the perfect stone for your ring.

Maximilian Portrait

Diamonds come in many shapes and colours and the diamond that you chose can reflect your personality and taste. We have a love for rose cut diamonds and this lovely shape offers a softer appearance than the more well-known brilliant cut. Colours vary from charcoal grey to black as well as more muted tones such as opaque white and pale cinnamon.

Pear Shape Rosecuts

These beautiful diamond colours look amazing when set into rich metals like yellow, white or rose gold and it is exciting to commission a piece of jewellery to suit your exact style.

We also use a huge array of rose cut sapphires and rubies in a range of stunning colours. Ranging from soft pink to rich red, pretty blues and deep purples the choice that you have is endless!

Rosecut stones

Ruby is always considered as a stone of romance as its rich red tone conjours up a feeling passion and desire and works brilliantly set into yellow gold. We often set rubies in our India collection to signify the origin of the rose cut stone. Originating in India in the 1400’s, the rose cut resembles the petals of a rose and the beauty of this style therefore became widely used throughout Europe in the 16th century. The allure of the rose cut is definitely having a revival as many customers favour a unique stone for their special occasion.

Sapphires were a popular choice in the middle ages as they were thought to reflect the sky which was believed to be the birthplace of love. These days sapphires are desirable for their colour and pink is one of the favourites as not only is the colour so gorgeous but also because it has the meaning of loyalty, trust and sincerity.

We believe in creating a beautiful ring for you on this happy occasion and will happily work with you to create something special.

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