Beachcomber by Alexis Dove

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Ammonite StudsAmmonite Studs

Ammonite Studs


Intricate solid silver tiny ammonite stud earrings, a perfect gift for someone who likes small earrings and perfect for everyday wear.  These compliment our seahorse pendant pefectly


Starfish Stud Earrings

Starfish Stud Earrings


Lovely solid silver starfish stud earrings by Alexis Dove, perfect for every day wear and for all lovers of the sea

Beaten Hoop Earrings

Hammered Hoop Earrings


Lovely classic solid silver handmade hammered hoop stud earrings, perfect for anyone who loves hoop earrings!

Mini Bear Shell Studs

Mini Bear Shell Studs


Pretty solid silver mini bear shell stud earrings, these are the perfect gift and are suitable for everyday wear


Clamshell Studs

Clamshell Studs


Beautiful solid silver clamshell ear studs by Alexis Dove, made in our Lewes based workshop these  lovely earrings are perfect for everyday wear and are a lovely stud earring size. Inspired by beachcombing and the beauty of the sea


Mini Shell Cluster Pendant

Mini Shell Cluster Pendant


A gorgeous mini shell cluster pendant, these beautiful shells make the perfect everyday pendant or are perfect for bridal wear

Mini Cowrie StudsMini Cowrie Studs

Mini Cowrie Studs


Sweet solid silver mini cowrie studs, these lovely earrings are perfect for the beach or everyday wear


Yellow Vermeil Small Urchin Hoops

Urchin Small Hoop Stud Earrings


Beautiful handmade solid silver hoop stud earrings, inspired by ancient jewellery and the texture found on sea urchin shells.  These earrings are make lovely gifts or are perfect for those who love hoop earrings and are looking for something a little different

Starfish Pendant

Starfish Pendant


A pretty solid silver starfish pendant finished with tiny white seed pearls. A very popular necklace to suit all ages and lovers of the sea!


Tiny Urchin Studs


Pretty detailed solid silver little urchin studs inspired by wandering along beaches, a perfect small earring for every day wear.  Designed and made in our Lewes workshops

Urchins measure approximately 7mm across

Available in a range of finishes

Cowrie Shell PendantCowrie Shell Pendant

Cowrie Shell Pendant


A pretty single cowrie shell in solid silver, an ancient symbol of femininity suitable for everyday wear


Roman Glass Single Drop Earrings


Beautiful, unique Roman glass single drop earrings in solid silver and finished with a beautiful aqua coloured piece of Roman Glass, perfect for everyday wear

Clamshell Pendant


A solid silver clamshell pendant with tiny white seed pearls by Alexis Dove inspired by the beautiful coastline around Great Britain


Cowrie Shell Studs

Cowrie Shell Studs



Pretty cowrie shell studs available in a range of finishes.

Conch Shell Pendant


A solid silver conch shell pendat with tiny beads or seed pearls by Alexis Dove, the perfect gift for all lovers of the sea


Seahorse Pendant

Seahorse Pendant


A delicate solid silver seahorse pendant designed by Alexis Dove with three tiny labradorite beads.  Made in our Lewes based workshop


Ammonite Bangle


A beautiful solid sterling silver ammonite fossil on a handmade silver bangle.  This is a lovely bangle suitable for everyday wear and for wearing up against other bangles

Ammonite Pendant


A pretty solid silver ammonite pendant inspired by beachcombing for little treasures from the sea and rock pools

A perfect necklace for lovers of fossils and seashells



Ammonite Cufflinks

Ammonite Cufflinks


Lovely solid silver handmade ammonite cufflinks by Alexis Dove


Urchin HoopsUrchin Hoops

Urchin Hoops


Gorgeous beaten solid silver hoop earrings with tiny granulation details, designed by Alexis Dove are the perfect hoop earring.  A favourite of all hoop earring fans, as worn by several celebrities including Alesha Dixon and Dame Kelly Holmes


Clamshell Long EarringsClamshell Long Earrings

Clamshell Long Earrings


Pretty Clamshell long earrings adorned with beads or pearls by Alexis Dove. The perfect long seashell drop earrings in either blue and grey colours or pinks

Mini Cowrie Hoops


Pretty solid silver mini cowrie hoops by Alexis Dove, perfect for your holidays!


Clamshell Cuff


A solid silver clamshell cuff by Alexis Dove inspired by the beautiful coastline around Great Britain

Urchin RingUrchin Ring

Urchin Ring


This stunning sea urchin ring is made of solid silver with beautiful granulation detail.  Designed by Alexis Dove, it is perfect for everyday wear!


Clamshell Charm Bracelet

Clamshell Charm Bracelet


A stunning solid silver clamshell charm bracelet by Alexis Dove available with either aquamarine beads or freshwater pearls inspired by beachcombing and a love of the sea


Clamshell Hoops

Clamshell Hoops


Lovely solid silver clamshell hoops by Alexis Dove, inspired by Britain’s gorgeous coastline an ideal gift for all lovers of the sea and a perfect charm for travelers


Roman Glass Cluster Hook Earrings


Beautiful handmade Roman glass cluster hook earrings, handmade in Lewes by Alexis Dove Jewellery, the perfect Summer drop earrings for all ages

Urchin Cufflinks


Handmade in our Lewes workshop these stylish solid silver urchin cufflinks perfect for everyday wear. They are inspired by our love of the seaside which is close to where we are based.


Mini Cowrie Studs

Mini Cowrie Studs


Pretty mini cowrie stud earrings inspired by nearby beaches