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Precious Metals

We work with all precious metals including platinum, palladium, 9ct, 18ct and 22ct gold, rose, yellow and white gold and silver to create unique and unusual bridal jewellery and bespoke jewellery for all occasions.

We choose the perfect metal for each commission to compliment your choice of stone, personal style and lifestyle. These metals can be finished in many different ways to create a unique piece including hammered, textured, brushed and polished finishes.

We can also often work with your metal to create a new piece from your old and well loved and sentimental jewellery. Make an appointment at our Lewes boutique and we can advise you on your options.


Platinum is one of the strongest metals used in jewellery design. This stunning white metal is 95% pure and a rare precious metal, therefore becoming a prestigious choice for your special ring.

Extremely hard wearing and very white this metal will last a life time. As with all metals, platinum can still scratch although it is much more resistant than gold, the shine and lustre of this metal can be easily restored to retain its timeless beauty.

We use platinum to enhance the brilliance of the diamonds that we use or to compliment some of our more unusual gemstones. Platinum is a great choice for customers who love the bright, white colour and durability this metal can offer.

Grey Rosecut Diamond Halo


Palladium is a popular choice here at Alexis Dove, used as a precious metal since 1939, it has seen a soar in popularity in more recent years and has had it’s own hallmark since 2010.

The name originates from the Greek goddess of war, wisdom and craft, Pallas Athena.

With very similar properties to platinum, palladium is a fantastic choice for wedding rings and engagement rings with rub-over settings, it is as hard and white as platinum but is half the weight, which makes it a more affordable and lighter option.

Beaten palladium wedding bands
Palladium & Rose Cut Diamond Twig Ring

Yellow Gold

The rich colour of yellow gold works well with a variety of precious gemstones especially with cinnamon diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Gold is graded in carats and we can use all grades in our work. Both 22ct and 24ct gold are luxurious in colour and full of lustre. 18ct is also an intense warm colour whereas 9ct has a more muted tone.

Gold is a strong metal that retains its radiance for thousands of years. we find that our customers love the opulence of gold and its tone next to their skin.

Lydia Gold & Rosecut

White Gold

White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and palladium which means that it has the same characteristics as yellow gold but is whiter in colour.

We use a high palladium content in our white gold and therefore do not use rhodium plate as we love the subtle tones of this metal. This metal compliments diamonds of all colours and works particularly well for our Lydia collection, where tiny diamonds are pave set around a larger stone.

Oval Old Mine Cut Diamond Hammered Gold Engagement Ring
Rose cuts

Rose Gold

Currently a very fashionable choice for precious jewellery. A perfect compliment to many coloured gemstones, the soft pink colour comes from an alloy of gold and copper.

Originally used in Russia in the 19th century it was hugely popular due to the feminine and soft colour that compliments so many skin tones. We find that our customers choose this metal as it is a more delicate alternative to yellow gold. Rose gold works well with the rose cut and old cut diamonds as it has a romantic and vintage feel.

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