We specialise in creating unique and unusual bespoke jewellery including bridal jewellery and pieces for all occasions. We particularly love rare gemstones including fancy sapphires, which come in a beautiful range of colours, ruby, spinel, tourmaline and beryl. 

Alexis’ passion for sourcing gemstones means that we have a unique collection to choose from and the resources to find you something truly special. We offer advice on the best stone for your bespoke jewellery and are happy to work with your stones.

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Many of our rings incorporate sapphires as they come in so many beautiful colours. Some of our favourites are rich purples, pale lilacs and petrol blues. The gorgeous green colour that you can find in many sapphires is a popular choice for an engagement ring and it looks stunning set in yellow gold.

Sapphires are thought to symbolize good fortune, virtue and wisdom and therefore have been used throughout the ages especially among royalty. After diamond, sapphire is the hardest stone on Earth and this makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Star sapphires are an amazing stone that exhibits a star like phenomenon known as an asterism. This wonderful stone is loved by many customers as the unusual quality of this stone is a true wonder!

Colour change sapphires are a rare variety but something that we always aspire to use in our jewellery as they combine so many of the colours that we adore.

Another rare sapphire is the padparadscha sapphire which is an incredible peachy pink. Originally found in Sri Lanka the colour is said to be a blend of the lotus flower and a beautiful sunset.

Teal Sapphire

Pink Sapphire


Ranging from pale rose to blood red, the ruby is from the mineral corundum but unlike sapphires this gemstone only takes on red tones. One of the more romantic precious stones, ruby conjures up images of passion, lust and love and has been known as the king of gems.

We use ruby in many of our rings, especially in our India collection as the striking red colour works exceptionally well against the gold that we use in this range.

Star Ruby



Spinel is a gemstone that comes in an astonishing array of stunning colours. Ranging from pastel shades to berry tones, cobalt blues and spectacular violets this stone was originally thought to of been either ruby or sapphire and has subsequently been set in many crown jewels around the world.

Grey Spinel



Aquamarine is a truly beautiful semi precious stone. The blue variety of beryl with its incredible lustre is thought to be mermaids treasure. It sparkles like the sea and offers luck and protection to sailors and travellers alike. The name aquamarine originates from the latin word for water of the sea.

We use aquamarine often as the colour is synonymous with our branding and is a colour we adore. The pale blue colour looks beautiful with all metals that we use here at Alexis Dove.


Tourmaline is a beautiful and versatile stone, which comes in a wide range of beautiful colours and cuts. Colours include blues, greens, reds, peach and black

The Pariba tourmaline originates from the Paraiba state in Brazil where it was first discovered and ranges from swimming pool blue to neon green. The copper element contained within the stone gives it a vivid glow incomparable to any other gem.

Rublite tourmalines range between red and intense pink in colour. Often mistaken for rubies, the rubelite tourmaline is found in many crown jewels including the 17th century Russian crown. Extremely rare and and the most valuable of tourmalines, the rubelite is believed to strengthen love and inspire creativity.

Another rare and truly beautiful stone we use here at Alexis Dove is the indicolite tourmaline. This stone ranges from powder blue to deep petrol blue. The majority of indicolite tourmalines show traces of green akin to the stunning teal blue that we adore. Highly coveted and always in demand, the indicolite tourmaline brings happiness and promotes a calming effect.

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