Here at Alexis Dove we specialise in unique and unusual diamonds, from Victorian old miner cuts to beautiful and and unusual Indian rose cut diamonds and modern brilliant cuts in an array of pretty colours including cinnamon, grey, petrol blue, rose pink, purple and olive green. We buy all of our stones from trusted sources who only work ethically

Rose cut diamonds

Sourcing beautiful and unusual diamonds is something that we pride ourselves on here at Alexis Dove and rose cut diamonds are a particular favourite. The unique and more natural look of the rose cut diamond works wonderfully with the handmade aesthetic of our jewellery. Believed to have originated in India in the 1400s and brought to Europe by he 16th century, the rose cut resembles the petals of a rose by imitating the scroll of its petals. Recently in India, the rose cut diamond has had a revival both for the restoration of antique jewellery and because of the attraction of the romantic and exotic appeal of this cut. Our customers love the charm of this diamond and the fact that it has a less manufactured look than that of the more modern brilliant cut. We have a huge selection of gorgeous rose cut diamonds at Alexis Dove and often set soft grey, pale cinnamon and striking black diamonds in our engagement rings. The unusual cut of this stone will create an individual look for your special ring!


India Rosecut Diamond

Old mine cut diamonds

We use old mine or miner cut diamonds in many of our engagement rings and love the feel that they give to our work. The majority of our old miner cut diamonds are taken from Victorian brooches and this is a lovely way to recycle antique gemstones. As the predecessor of today’s modern brilliant cut, this hand cut stone adds both beauty and individuality to your ring. This cut is much softer than the more conventional brilliant cut diamond and still sparkles beautifully. Accentuating the antique style of the stone, we often source delicate colours to emphasize its charm. Champagne, white and pale lemon are some of our favourite tones and look exquisite set in either gold or platinum. The soft shapes of the round and cushion cut add to the enchanting character of your diamond and because of the way they are cut all of these diamonds are unique

Cinnamon Old Cuts

Vintage Engagement Rings

Brilliant cut diamonds

The Greeks believed diamonds to be splinters of stars that had fallen to Earth, and when looking at a modern brilliant cut stone you can see why. The intricate way that this stone is cut showcases its brilliance and fire. Introduced in the late 1900′s, the brilliant cut diamond is now one of the popular diamonds used today. We love to use unique versions of these diamonds and collect brilliant cuts with unusual colours and inclusions including cinnamon, milky white and grey stones. We use brilliant cut diamonds in both our engagement rings and pave set around our more unusual gemstones in the Lydia collection. The sparkle that radiates from the brilliant cut diamonds once set in this way transforms the ring into an opulent statement piece.



Hammered Oval Ring

Pear shape diamonds

The distinctive silhouette of the pear shape diamond is one of our favourite cuts of stone. This elegant shape works wonderfully as the central stone in our Lydia rings and also looks stunning set into pendants. We feature the pear cut diamond in our India collection as it replicates a tradition Indian shape. Cinnamon and white pear shape diamonds twinkle beautifully in this collection and have become a signature style. A combination of both a round and marquise shape this creates a perfect sparkling teardrop.

Pear Lydia Halo

Pear Shape Diamonds


Cushion cut diamonds

A pretty antique style, the cushion cut diamond is a romantic shape that is having a huge revival. A vintage version of the round brilliant cut it complements the feminine quality of our rings. This shape is sometimes referred to as either a pillow cut or a candle light diamond from times before electric lighting and how the diamonds sparkled so beautifully by flickering flame. The cushion cut diamond has the aesthetics of an oval cut but with a squarer, softer shape.

Lydia Cushion Diamonds

Cushion Rosecut Diamonds

Grey Diamond Indian Rose

Brilliant cut diamonds

Although we specialise in unusual gemstones, we do also use the more commercial brilliant cut diamond in our work. By using different coloured diamonds or shapes we can create an individual look for your ring. The pear shape diamond, for example, looks stunning in a brilliant cut. Brilliant cut diamonds sparkle gloriously in many stunning colours. Pertrol blue, sumptuous purple, olive green and chocolate brown all radiate in a way that cannot be replicated in any other type of stone, Whether you choose a brilliant cut diamond as a central stone or as a decorative way to compliment it, the allure of this stone will always dazzle you!