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Padparadscha Sapphires

Feminine, delicate and soft in colour, the padparadscha sapphire is a rare and desirable stone that is treasured by gemstone connoisseurs throughout the world.

Derived from the Sinhalese word for lotus blossom, the beautiful peachy pink hue of the padparadscha is the combination of both yellow sapphire and ruby. The colour dances between orange and pink with no set rules on its tone or saturation although purists believe the stones that originate from Sri Lanka are the only true padparadscha sapphires.

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Padparadscha sapphires are not only mined in Sri Lanka but also Madagascar and Tanzania although Madagascan stones tend to show more pink tones and those found in Tanzania a slight brown hue. The ideal and most coveted colour for this sapphire are the perfect salmon tones that have become so sought after. Low temperature heat treatments can be used to enhance the colours naturally found within the stone.

Many padparadscha sapphires have irregular, asymmetric cuts to conserve as much of the rough as possible. Oval and cushion cuts are most commonly found and due to the light colour of these pretty stones the clarity is usually high.

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We adore the prettiness of this stone and love how its blush tones work wonderfully with either yellow or rose gold. The exquisite colours that the padparadscha sapphire has to offer has caught the attention of many of our customers who dream of a unique and beautiful stone either as an engagement or special cocktail ring. Sapphires are second hardest to diamonds making them a perfect choice to wear every day. Combine this with the belief that they represent truth, faithfulness and sincerity and you can see why they have become so covetable. From the enticing colours of an exotic sunset to the delicate feminine softness of blossom the padparadscha sapphire is an exceptional stone.

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We offer some gorgeous sapphires in many colours, from rich sumptuous violet to stunning sage green which are always a popular choice for an alternative and unique engagement ring. As well as the interesting colour change sapphires that we love, the padparadscha sapphire is always a stone we desire.

‘ I love these stones as they have such soft varied tones and are very feminine’ says Alexis. ‘They have always been one of my favourites. No two stones are ever the same’

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