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Teal Sapphire

A sapphire is a great alternative to the classic diamond if you are looking for an unusual and unique engagement ring. Whilst deep blue sapphires have been traditional engagement ring stones for a long time, more unusual shades of sapphires are becoming popular. One of our favourites are teal-coloured sapphires, which combine ocean blue shades with natural tints of green. Teal sapphires are said to represent heartfelt expression and clarity of thought, making these gemstones a wonderful representation of a deep connection between two souls. Tibetan Buddhists also believe teal signifies the infinity of the sea and the sky, while for the ancient Egyptians, the colour teal represented truth and faith.

If you look closely at a teal sapphire, you can see a gradient of shades, with varying degrees of blue, green and grey. The most expensive and sought-after teal sapphires have a deep mossy shade with an almost equal balance of blue and green primary colours and just a subtle hint of yellow. These colours depend on both the reflection of light within the stone itself and how the stone has been cut and polished to make the colours sing.

Teal Sapphire Halo Ring

No two teal sapphires are alike, and each teal sapphire has a personality all of its own, reflected within its colour variations. Their ability to surprise with their unusual colour combinations and tones makes teal sapphires very special and the ultimate expression of love within an engagement ring.

Like all sapphires, teal sapphires are also extremely durable. Sapphires are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness compared to all natural gemstones.  This means they have a strong resistance to scratches, making them the perfect stone for daily wear.

Here at Alexis Dove jewellery, we are careful to work with responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones from carefully selected sources around the world, and our sapphires are sourced mainly from Sri Lanka and Australia.

Teal Emerald Cut Sapphire

Alexis made a very special trip out to Sri Lanka to visit the sapphire mines there and meet the miners and cutters in person, along with the wider communities who depend on the sapphire trade.

Teal Mermaid Ring

As a result of the trip, Alexis is committed to sourcing sapphires which directly support the miners and their communities. These sapphires are guaranteed to be conflict free and are also directly benefiting local communities.

Claw Set Teal Sapphire Ring

To find out more about teal sapphires and how to commission your own unusual engagement ring, designed just for you and handmade by our team in Lewes, make an appointment with Alexis Dove here or ring 01273 470538.


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