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Olive Stud Earrings

Olive Stud Earrings


Pretty faceted solid silver olive stud earrings designed by Alexis Dove, inspired by ancient Greek olive groves


Olive Pendant


A simple but pretty faceted solid silver bead pendant


Aphrodite Leaf Pendant

Aphrodite Leaf Pendant


A pretty pendant inspired by sunny days and perfect for every day wear.

Aphrodite Solid Hooks

Aphrodite Solid Hooks


Lovely and simple solid silver leaf earrings are a wonderful every day classic.

Aphrodite Long Olive Drop Earrings


Stunning cascading olive leaf earrings with a faceted bead stud fitting, a perfect long drop earring for all occasions especial for bridal wear

Aphrodite Olive Hooks


These beautiful solid silver handmade faceted hook earrings are the perfect earring for all occasions

Aphrodite Hoops

Leaf Hoop Earrings



Beautiful olive leaf hoop earrings perfect for every day wear.

Olive Leaf Bracelet


A stunning charm style bracelet inspired by holidays and sunny days

Aphrodite Necklace

Olive Leaf Necklace


A stunning olive leaf necklace, the perfect statement piece