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Our love of Rose Gold

Rose gold; even the name conjures up images of luxury and femininity. The soft and subtle tones of this metal make for a popular choice in the jewellery world. At Alexis Dove, we have been using this colour of gold for some time as it complements the pretty jewellery we create.

Wild Rose Stud Earrings

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy also known as either pink or red gold. The soft pink hue flatters most skin tones and offers a more delicate alternative to yellow or white gold.

Helios Long Cascade Earrings

First used in Russia at the beginning of the Nineteenth century, rose gold was a favourite due to its elegance and sense of romance. Today this metal creates a vintage look perfect for both current trends and for beautiful jewellery with a timeless feel.

Russian Princess

Pairing rose gold with gorgeous coloured gemstones (such as cinnamon rose cut diamonds, moonstones, rose quartz and various shades of sapphire) Alexis uses colour combinations that will wow you! Using both 18ct and 22ct rose gold we can create a stunning bespoke ring for you. Rose gold is a perfect metal for an engagement or dress ring.


A much loved piece is our Ocean necklace created using aquamarine stones and rose gold vermeil. A match made in heaven.


Gold vermeil is a French term for stirling silver plated with a minimum of 2.5 micrometres of gold. We use gold vermeil in every silver collection we produce. Pretty wild roses, belle flowers with pink tourmalines and perfect, tiny seashells adorned with labradorite beads look gorgeous once plated with this rosy hue.

Wild Rose Ribbon Pendant

Papillon Rose Gold

Seahorse Pendant

To add another colour dimension to your jewellery wear silver or yellow gold alongside your favourite rose gold piece. It’s great to mix metals and a really fashionable way to create an individual look.




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