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Rose Cut Diamond Twig Ring


A lovely, delicate solid silver rose cut diamond twig ring. This pretty ring is set with a round salt and pepper rose cut diamond and is the perfect way to wear a unique and unusual diamond. Such a beautiful ring, inspired by nature


A solid silver rose cut diamond twig ring, set with a grey salt and pepper rose cut diamond. This lovely ring is inspired by moonlight through winter branches. This pretty ring is perfect for anyone who loves nature and a little soft sparkle

The ring measures W11.5mm at the very widest part of the tiny buds at the front and the band measures W1.6mm at the very narrowest part at the back of the ring

The diamond weighs 0.38ct, diamonds will vary slightly in weight and colour, as each of these stones are quite unique

This ring is available in a choice of sizes, however if you cannot order the size you want please contact us directly for a quote and time frame

This ring can also be made in solid gold or platinum with your choice of diamond, please contact us for more information and a quote. This pretty ring would make a lovely engagement ring

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