Grey Diamond Stacking Rings

Grey diamond stacking rings by Alexis Dove handmade in Lewes

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These beautiful handmade grey diamond stacking rings by Alexis Dove are made to commission from your choice of metal and diamonds

Alexis has a unique collection of beautiful stones, including a lovely selection of grey, salt & pepper and snowflake diamonds

Grey diamonds look stunning in white metal, you can choose between 18ct white gold, platinum or palladium or if you choose these can also be made in sterling silver

Finished with a soft beaten texture, these rings can also be smooth and polished or matte or we can create other textured finishes

We can also often use your own diamonds and or metal from pieces you would like to transform into something new or we can provide just the diamonds or metal, please contact us directly or visit our lovely Lewes based boutique to go through all of your options