Grey Star Sapphire Ring


A handmade pale grey star sapphire ring in Fairtrade  gold. the star on this ring is clear and stunning when worn


A beautiful handmade grey star sapphire ring in 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold by Alexis Dove. This lovely ring is really the perfect special occasion ring or makes the most beautiful alternative engagement ring. A personal favourite of ours, this stone is very special, with the star being particularly prominent when worn

The sapphire weighs 4.58ct

The band measures W2.7mm x D1.7mm at its widest and thickest point and tapers up to the setting. Finished with a soft beaten texture

The setting is closed back with a soft pebble shape back and measures H7 mm including the bottom of the setting and the top of the stone

The setting measures L11.2mm x W9.7mm and is in a soft rub over style