Rosa Diamond Bar Necklace


This incredibly pretty rosa diamond bar necklace, is inspired by delicate rose leaves and is set with a unique pale grey rose cut diamond in solid 18ct gold

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This beautiful rosa diamond bar necklace features a pretty pale grey rose cut diamond weighing .54 carats and is inspired by delicate rose leaves, which was one of Alexis original inspirations for her collections. This beautiful collection brings Alexis love of nature and history together, with pieces that are reminiscent of ancient roman wreaths and delicate diadems. This makes a perfect one of a kind bridal necklace or an alternative diamond pendant for anyone who wants to be that little bit different

Solid 18ct yellow gold finished with a fine 18ct yellow gold adjustable trace chain measuring 16 3/4 – 18 3/4 inches so that you can wear it at three different lengths each an inch longer than the last

The bar pendant measures approximately L23mm x W6mm to where the chain is attached at either side

The setting is finished with millegrain to give a more delicate finish


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