Greenland Ruby Heart Necklace


A pretty handmade Greenland ruby heart necklace, this lovely necklace is made in solid 9ct yellow gold and is set with a cabochon deep pink red ruby. A necklace perfect for everyday wear


A pretty heart necklace set with a certificated Greenland ruby in 9ct yellow gold. Greenland rubies are responsibly sourced and mined in Greenland from under the ice, making them some of the oldest gemstones at over a billion years old

The ruby weighs 1.66ct and is a cabochon heart shape

W11.9mm x L13.3mm x H4.5mm, the length includes the loop at the top of the pendant

You will receive a certificate of authentication with this necklace

Finished on an adjustable solid 9ct yellow gold trace chain with our signature mini tag