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Gold Pug Cufflinks

Pug Cufflinks


Lovely solid silver pug cufflinks by Alexis Dove, a perfect cufflink for anyone who loves pugs!


Stegosaurus Cufflinks


These solid silver stegosaurus cufflinks by Alexis Dove are the perfect cufflink for all dinosaur lovers!

T-Rex Cufflinks

T-Rex Cufflinks


Solid silver T-Rex cufflinks designed by Alexis Dove and made in the UK

Ammonite Cufflinks

Ammonite Cufflinks


Lovely solid silver handmade ammonite cufflinks by Alexis Dove



Foxy Cufflinks


Stunning solid silver foxy cufflinks by Alexis Dove, handmade in the UK

Button CufflinksButton Cufflinks

Button Cufflinks


Lovely solid silver button cufflinks our most popular cufflink design and popular with all ages, the perfect gift for all occassions


Triceratops Cufflinks


These fantastic Triceratops cufflinks by Alexis Dove are the perfect gift for those dinosaur lovers in your life!

Scottie Dog Cufflinks_edited-1

Scottie Dog Cufflinks


Lovely solid silver Scottie dog cufflinks by Alexis Dove, a perfect gift for dog lovers and made in the UK


Gold Fish Cufflinks


These sweet gold fish cufflinks are perfect for every day wear.

Spaniel Cufflinks Diamond Eyes

Spaniel Cufflinks


Lovely solid silver spaniel cufflinks by Alexis Dove, made in our UK based workshops. Inspired by your favourite pets!

Sausage Dog Cufflinks_edited-1

Sausage Dog Cufflinks


These lovely solid silver sausage dog cufflinks are the perfect gift for all dog lovers, these super popular cufflinks are made in the UK and designed by Alexis Dove


Urchin Cufflinks


Handmade in our Lewes workshop these stylish solid silver urchin cufflinks perfect for everyday wear. They are inspired by our love of the seaside which is close to where we are based.